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Phonak Naída Paradise Virtual Product Launch

Virtual Product Launch Video

Missed any parts of the event? No worries!

You can watch the full recording here in your own leisure time.

Please skip the first 10 minutes of the video as it is a static image and countdown to the event.

Launch video recording

Question & Answers


Does Intelligent NoiseReduction work in all situations?

No, its designed to make speech from the front easier to understand by cancelling intense background noise from beside and behind. For other sides, Dynamic SpeechBeam helps clients to focus on a conversation partner in difficult listening environments, regardless of which direction the speech is coming from – by its binaural 360 speech recognition capability.


What is the usage of Lifestyle Analyzer?

Selecting the right performance level is crucial to a client’s success with their hearing aids. However, they often find it difficult to describe the types of acoustic situations they encounter most often. So what Lifestyle Analyzer does is it can monitor the listening environments and report back to HCP (you) how much time your client spend in each type of environment. Counsel for the suitable hearing aids


How many devices can be connected to Stratos hearing aids? Can you give an example of this?

The improved capabilities of the PRISM chip allows us to have 8 paired and 2 active connections simultaneously When watching a tablet and your phone rings you can pause your stream and change over to the phone without the need to repair and connect again.


Are the chargers the same with the XC Pro and Stratos devices?

Yes, the charger is the same for both families of products.


What should we do if customer does not book an appointment even though they have completed the online hearing test?

If no appointment was made, we strongly recommend you to continue engaging with them through emails. It is still possible that they may later be more interested and reach out to you again after learning more about hearing loss or product information.

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